About Us

Our Vision

Growing up in the small city of Richmond, Virginia with a household of singers and musicians was bittersweet to say the least. There really was no outlet to be heard besides bars or different social events, providing that you knew the right people. Being musically and artistically creative can feel lonely when you’re unable to share your creative side, leading many of us to choose careers that don’t satisfy, or for the wrong reasons.

We wanted to create an outlet that allowed talent worldwide first, the opportunity to connect with one another, which in itself can open many doors for many artists. Second, the chance at being discovered, and heard at minimum by other musicians and reputable labels and/or producers which could never be a bad idea! Third, we wanted to tailor this platform to all genres of music and include all forms of artistic talent. Consisting of any combination of the following, singers, lyricists, instrumentalists and composers.

Believe it or not, what sets Hear The Talent apart more than anything is that we are creating an outlet for many artists to use their creativity. Whether you’re a 3 instrument playing musician and composer or simply a lyricists who enjoys the poetic aspect of music.

Our Story

How many of us are told, “do what you love” growing up? Yet in so many ways we’re hindered by society when doing what we love is an expression of ourselves with no outlet for career. We want to make being a singer/songwriter, instrumentalist or composer possible even if you are not the 1.1% who ‘make it big’. Understanding that frustration was our driving force to start Hear The Talent. We want to make it possible for you to have a career doing what you love!

We are just beginning our story and have no doubts this will transform the future-music-world and revolutionize the music industry.



Whatever your musical talent is we want to Hear The Talent!



We want to Hear The Talent, so whether you are a lyricist or a singer, we are interested in your work!



Guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, flute or whatever you play. We want to Hear The Talent!



Let’s bring it all together because we want to Hear the Talent! Your production and formulation are critical and resonate in your music! 


What’s Your Musical Gift?

Contact us: summer@hearthetalent.com 

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